Wolves in the Throne Room

New WITTR Webstore launched

After numerous months of work, we can share the news that the WITTR webstore is now up and running. You will find many items still in stock, including:
* BBC Anno Domini, Celestite, and Two Hunters vinyl
* Celestial Lineage/Malevolent Grain cassette
* Silver Forest, Celestite, and Dethrone tees (including women’s sizes)
* Two Hunters zip-up hoodies
Our shop is running efficiently and includes real-time customer service.
Check out the full online shop HERE


‘Initiation at Neudeg Alm’ premiere, West Coast Tour Update


We are excited to announce the premiere of ‘Initiation at Neudeg Alm’, a second track off our upcoming album Celestite.  Celestite will be released on July 8th 2014 through our new imprint Artemisia Records.

You can listen to a stream of ‘Initiation at Neudeg Alm’ over at Noisey…

Stream ‘Initiation at Neudeg Alm’ HERE.

Pre-orders of Celestite will begin shipping this week.  Upon release, Celestite will be available internationally through independent retailers and digitally through independent and major outlets.  Pre-orders for Celestite continue to take place at Artemisia Records’ Bandcamp page.

Pre-order Celestite HERE.

We are currently rehearsing for this run of shows and it is excellent to get back to playing music live. We’re especially looking forward to playing some material off of Diadem of 12 Stars that we’ve not played since we recorded the tracks with Tim Green almost 10 years ago!  We are also pleased to announce that our Cascadian brethren Nommo Ogo will join us on all of the upcoming dates.  Nommo Ogo has  stayed in the shadows of the musical underground for a long time, so for those of you who may not be familiar with their works, we have included some background and the accompanying video.

Nommo Ogo emerged from the harsh winters of the late-90’s Anchorage Alaska psychedelic noise scene; utilizing purely electronic instruments to call strange energies through cathartic sessions of improvised tekno ritual. Since these primordial manifestations, the cult has grown and mutated further, and is currently based out of Oakland, California. They have long maintained a tradition playing outdoors under the stars, in the mountainous forests of the West Coast with the Katabatik Soundsystem. Aural documentation in the form of vinyl and CDs has been released by Isolate, Katabatik and Record Label Records.

Video | Nommo Ogo: Awaken

Purchase tickets below:

7/11/2014 Olympia, WA – Capitol Theatre Backstage – BUY HERE

7/12/2014 Bellingham, WA – Shakedown  – BUY HERE

7/13/2014 Vancouver, BC – The Venue  – BUY HERE

7/14/2014 Seattle, WA – Crocodile  – BUY HERE

7/15/2014 Portland, OR – Star Theatre  – BUY HERE

7/17/2013 San Fransisco, CA – Slim’s  – BUY HERE

7/18/2014 Santa Cruz, CA – Catalyst Atrium – BUY HERE

7/19/2014 San Diego, CA – Che Café – BUY HERE

7/20/2014 Los Angeles, CA – Echoplex  – BUY HERE


Stream ‘Celestite Mirror’ & Celestite Pre-order

We are pleased to announce the track premiere of ‘Celestite Mirror’, along with the pre-order for our upcoming album Celestite.  Celestite will be released on July 8th 2014.

You can listen to a stream of ‘Celesite Mirror’ over at Pitchfork who had some thoughts…”For  Celestite Mirror, Wolves in the Throne Room build from an eerie drift of synth glow and gentle bass-drum booms into a Vangelis-sized organ roar.”

Stream ‘Celestite Mirror’ HERE

 For those of you who would like to pre-order, we’ll be offering you this album – along with forthcoming releases – on our new label Artemisia Records.  Options for the Celestite pre-order include cleat 2xlp (limited to first pressing), CD digipack with 16 page booklet, and limited edition cassette.

Pre-orders for Celestite are taking place at Artemisia Records’ Bandcamp page.

Pre-order Celestite HERE

 To commemorate the release of Celestite, Wolves in the Throne Room will return to the road for a West Coast run of performances.  We are currently perfecting the setlist and production which will include some epic older songs never before played live as well as an array of synthesizers to expand the sonic journey into new realms.

July West Coast Tour:

7/11/2014 Olympia, WA – Capitol Theater Backstage – BUY HERE

7/12/2014 Bellingham, WA – Shakedown – BUY HERE

7/13/2014 Vancouver, WA – The Venue – BUY HERE

7/14/2014 Seattle, WA – Crocodile – BUY HERE

7/15/2014 Portland, OR – Star Theater – BUY HERE

7/17/2014 San Fransisco, CA Slim’sBUY HERE

7/18/2014 Santa Cruz, CA – Catalyst Atrium – BUY HERE

7/19/2014 San Diego, CA – Che Café – BUY HERE

7/20/2014 Los Angeles, CA – Echoplex – BUY HERE


Celestite release details & West coast tour dates‏

We are happy to be able to share more details about our forthcoming album, Celestite.  Celestite is an experimental, instrumental companion to our previous album, Celestial Lineage.  It was a challenge and a pleasure to take a temporary break from our usual palette of sounds to focus on the synthesizer oriented psychedelia that lurks in the mix of our previous albums.

After the long process of recording, mixing, mastering and creating the artwork we’ve approved the vinyl test pressings and graphic design.  CDs and gatefold double LPs are in production.  The North American release date for Celestite will be July 8th 2014.  This will be a very special event for us was will be the maiden release on our new label, Artemisia Records which will be our outlet for future recordings.

The cover art and track listing for the album are below.

1. Turning Ever Towards The Sun

2. Initiation at Neudeg Alm

2. Bridge of Leaves

4. Celestite Mirror

5. Sleeping Golden Storm

Wolves in the Throne Room will also return to the road this Summer, with a run of West Coast North American tour dates.  Tickets are available now.

After a long and restful hiatus, we are very much looking forward to returning to the stage.  The setlist is developing, but I can say that we’ll be playing songs off of Diadem of 12 Stars, Two Hunters and Celestial Lineage.  We are especially excited to perform some epic older songs that we have never before played live.  Our new album was very much a studio project, so we won’t be performing material directly off of Celestite.  But we do plan on bringing a larger array of synthesizers on the road to expand the sonic journey into deeper realms.


7/11/2014 Olympia, WA – Capital Theatre Backstage

7/12/2014 Bellingham, WA – Shakedown  – BUY HERE

7/13/2014 Vanouver, BC – The Venue  – BUY HERE

7/14/2014 Seattle, WA – Crocodile  – BUY HERE

7/15/2014 Portland, OR – Star Theatre  – BUY HERE

7/17/2013 San Fransisco, CA – Slim’s  – BUY HERE

7/18/2014 Santa Cruz, CA – Catalyst Atrium – BUY HERE

7/19/2014 San Diego, CA – Che Café

7/20/2014 Los Angeles, CA – Echoplex  – BUY HERE


WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM Reveal Details On New Recordings

Following the November release of their BBC Session 2011 Anno Domini two-track live 12” via Southern Lord, new recordings from WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM have been confirmed for a 2014 release. Following several months of anticipation, the Cascadian black metal clan comprised of brothers Aaron and Nathan Weaver now humbly unveil their impending full-length release, Celestite.

Taking a different approach than their previous LPs, Celestite is a completely newly envisioned, parallel-universe version of Celestial Lineage, the beautifully blackened fourth studio full-length epic WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM released via Southern Lord in 2011. Celestite arises with a whole new, ethereal approach. There are no drums and no vocals. Rather, deep, heavy crystalline synthesizer journeying, Eno-inspired analog processing and arcane acoustic instrumentation expand upon dimensions folded within the universe of Celestial Lineage.

The Weavers tell us: “To make Celestite, we delved into the subterranean sonics that are buried in the mix of Celestial Lineage. We isolated them, processed them and took this unearthed soundscape as our starting point. Upon this base we recorded an entirely new album. Some melodies from Celestial Lineage are recognizable, but these familiar sounds appear as ghosts, barely tethered to the original compositions. This new album is an unorthodox foray; a fully instrumental, experimental companion record to Celestial Lineage. We left some work undone with Celestial Lineage. The recording of that album in the Winter of 2011 was a monumental project for us personally, and the creative fire from those recording sessions was still burning. This recording process was an opportunity to journey into our own inner universe to complete that which needed to be completed.”

Paired once again with producer Randall Dunn (Earth, Sunn O))), Master Musicians Of Bukkake), Celestite came to fruition at Avast Studios and WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM’s own Olympia-based studio Owl Lodge. While cloistered during the recording sessions they made use of a mammoth arsenal of crumbling vintage equipment including a Serge Modular System, Korg Poly6, Korg MS20, Korg Mono/Poly, Roland Juno 106, Roland Jupiter 6, Roland Super jx10, Jomox Airbase 99, Access Virus and more. The album also features a guest wind ensemble including friends Josiah Boothby on French Horn, Steve Moore (Earth, Sunn O))), Stebmo) on Trombone, and both Mara Winter and Veronica Dye on flute.

The upcoming release of Celestite is doubly exciting for WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM as it will mark another new venture for the duo; the inaugural release on their own new label, Artemisia Records.  The band states, “Artemisia is the imprint we created to release Celestite and future albums. Most importantly for us, working on this album has revealed a whole new vein of creative energy for WITTR. Now that the long trip of creating this album is finished, our appetite is whetted for future projects, thus we feel it necessary to pre-empt the inevitable chatter that will accompany the release of this record. WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM has not permanently abandoned the guitar and drums! We sense that one day — perhaps sooner, perhaps later — we will be inspired to return to our stacks of amplifiers and cabinets to create new music.”

Stay tuned for samples of the music created for Celestite as well as the album’s cover art, official release dates, pressing information and more to be announced in the weeks ahead.