Wolves in the Throne Room

WITTR Live at Roadburn 2008 CD/DVD (Import)

The Live CD/DVD version of WITTR live at Roadburn 2008 is now available through the WITTR webstore.

Description from Roadburn Records:

Roadburn Records is proud to present the CD/DVD version of Wolves in the Throne Room’s Live at Roadburn 2008-LP/DVD. Both audio and video were remixed and remastered for this release by Torture Garden Studios in Oss. Also included is new artwork by Richard ‘Robotmonster’ Schouten.

When Wolves in The Throne Room were invited to play the Roadburn festival 2008 nobody expected that they would be one of the main surprises. From the first note till the last the Green Room was packed and in full anticipation of the ferocious mix of ambient sounds and aggressive black metal that the four piece brought to the stage. The band even got asked back to play the Roadburn festival again in 2009. This release captures a band at their peak in audio and video (the DVD is included on the album).

• “When Wolves in the Throne Room were invited to play Roadburn 2008 at the very last minute, nobody expected that they would be one of the major highlights of the festival. Live at Roadburn 2008 captures the band’s ferocious mix of ambient sounds and aggressive black metal in audio and video. (Stonerrock.com)

• The DVD that accompanies the record is also a gem. It’s a filming of the same exact show you have just heard on cd. The DVD is very well-filmed, and not having the opportunity to see these guys live yet, it was very cool seeing them perform. There is also an “extra” on the disc that is sort of an explanation of what the Roadburn festival is. (Encyclopaedia Metallum)


1. Vastness & Sorrow
2. Face In A Night Time Mirror Pt.1
3. Cleansing
4. I Wil Lay Down My Bones Among The Rocks And Roots

Australian tour + select Northwest dates

Wolves in the Throne Room are happy to announce that after a restful hiatus we will embark on a tour of Cascadia in February 2010.

When we returned home after our last long series of journeys we concluded that the options before us were to never tour again or to seize complete control over the way that we tour.

These four concerts will be the debut of our new approach to performance. We will travel with our own powerful sound system and crew of comrades so that we will be able to completely control the energy of any space in which we perform. Our live sound was forged in underground warehouses and in the amphitheatre of the outdoors. We’ll be focusing on these anarchic venues in order to bring about the transformations that we require.

We want to thank all of the people who have supported us over the years, especially the audiences who have connected with our music. We look forward to deepening and strengthening the energy we bring to the stage. These future performances will be the most authentic and fully realized expressions of our Spirit!

US and Australian DATES:

2/10/2010 Rotture – Portland, OR w/ Atriarch, Megaton Leviathan and Chasma
2/11/2010 Black Lodge – Seattle, WA w/ Atriarch, Megaton Leviathan
2/12/2010 Jinx Art Space – Bellingham, WA w/ Megaton Leviathan, Leatherhorn
2/13/2010 Hall of the Woods – Olympia, WA w/ Mount Eerie, Ô Paon

2/18/2010 Fowlers Live – Adelaide, South Australia w/ Agents of Abhorrence
2/19/2010 Brisbane Hotel – Hobart, Tasmania w/ Ruins
2/20/2010 Gaelic Theatre – Sydney, NSW w/ Agents of Abhorrence, Piss Christ, Beyond Terror Beyond Grace
2/21/2010 Arthouse Hotel – Melbourne, Victoria
2/23/2010 ANU Bar – Canberra, ACT
2/24/2010 *TBA – Byron Bay, NSW
2/25/2010 Hi Fi Bar – Brisbane w/ Agents of Abhorrence
2/26/2010 Bald Face Stag – Sydney, NSW w/ Agents of Abhorrence
2/27/2010 Hi Fi Bar – Melbourne, Victoria w/ Agents of Abhorrence
2/28/2010 National Hotel – Geelong, Victoria